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Logistics and supply chain management procedures


Darbas anglų kalba. Introduction. First statement. Supply-chain management. Logistics and supply chain management essential procedures. Requirements determination (what to buy). Acquisition (how to buy). Materials handling. Transportation - official supplies and equipment. Use of diplomatic pouch and mail. Asset management. Repairs. Disposal. Organizational buying decision stages. Identification of problematic issues and offered solutions to them. Buying center. Selling center. Practical view: PLC "Philip Morris Lithuania". Conclusions and recommendations.


This paper will introduce the reader to the topic of Supply Chain Management and procedures that are necessary to be performed in order to complete the buying and selling successfully.
In the beginning of the paper the various definitions and assumptions about Supply Chain Management can be found. Further, the procedures to be performed within the Supply Chain Management are discussed through the paper.
Even despite the fact that procedures may seems clear and easy-performed, there may appear some troubles, making organizations suffer additionals cost and losses. To reduce these problems we introduce an offer of creating Buying and Selling Centers in the organization. This helps to understand in the full way how should companies perform their buying and selling procedures, what is it necessary to take into account, who, to the end, contributes into these activities and to what exert. These centers mainly imply the interaction between different representatives inside the organization itself. Also, they imply establishing contacts with suppliers or buyers.
To analyse the theoretical information on the practical example we describe the supply and delivering process within the organization operating in a real life. We chose PLC "Philip Morris Lithuania" as an example for Supply chain procedures. In what way does this organization organize its ordering and delivering processes will be discussed in the last part of the paper.
The aim of the paper is to explain the reader what steps should be done in the supply chain management process, what problems can appear and offer the possible ways of overcoming these problems.
Tasks of the paper include next points:
Present the definitions of the essential assumptions
Discuss what operations have to be performed in order to buy or sell goods
Discuss the main procedures of Supply Chain Management
Think of problematic issue in the supply chain management procedures
Introduce Buying and Selling Centers of the organization
Analyse the company’s example
Present conclusions and recommendations ...

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